Discover the Best Eco-Tourism Activities in the USVI with Virgin Island Eco-tours

Situated in some of the world’s clearest blue waters, the U.S. Virgin Islands is indeed paradise found. A jewel in the Caribbean, it is a haven for sun worshipers, water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers of all ages. The Virgin Island Eco-tours offer a wide range of exciting land and water adventures throughout the Virgin Islands. All their activities are designed to give guests maximum enjoyment without endangering or harming the environment. They are committed to the preservation and care of the world’s natural resources and encourage and educate their guests towards this goal in every way possible.

Nature-friendly Activities

As you kayak your way through the shallow waters of the Inner Lagoon Marine Preserves in St. Thomas, you chance upon the winged dwellers of the red mangroves that grow abundantly in the area. Blue herons, yellow warblers, hummingbirds and even the endangered brown pelican nest here in relative peace and safety.

The uninhabited Henley Cay inside the Virgin Islands National Park offers snorkeling visitors an impressive vista of colorful corals, including some endangered species such as the elkhorn and staghorn. From the highest point of this secluded spot, intrepid adventurers get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the islands.

Hiking the trails of the different nature preserves on the islands is a great way to decompress from the hurried and frenetic pace of the modern world. As you unplug the devices that rule your life, you tune in to the rhythm that beats in your soul and let nature heal and nurture you back to vitality and exuberance.

Enjoy Nature Your Way

The Virgin Island Eco-tours have a number of hiking, kayaking and snorkeling tour packages from which to choose. All of them are designed to get you as close to nature as possible. Visitors with a specific adventure in mind are encouraged to share their vision of eco-fun with their experienced and knowledgeable staff. They can put together a special eco-tour that is tailored to suit your preferences and include your desired activities. All you have to do is ask.

Nature lovers of all ages will find something to enjoy and savor at the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is a sun-drenched paradise that is full of enchantment and nature’s generous bounty. Not only does this environment-friendly company help you enjoy the many attractions of the islands, they also make sure its natural beauty is preserved for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Unique Island Spirit with Gallows Point Resort on St. John’s

Once teeming with dozens of thriving cotton and sugar cane plantations cultivated by African slaves, St. John’s is now a tourism magnet that attracts sun-loving visitors from all over the world. The smallest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands — St. Thomas and St. Croix being the other two islands — it is a haven for nature lovers. Well-preserved national parks make up 60 percent of its total land area, and wherever you may be in St. John’s, you are never far away from pristine beaches with clear blue waters teeming with a rich assortment of marine life.

Gallows Point Resort

Set on five well-kept and spectacularly landscaped acres, this recently renovated resort is a world of its own. Steps away from a private coral reef that’s perfect for snorkeling, it is still minutes away from some of the finest restaurants in the island that serve international cuisine and local dishes. Gallows Point Resort offers a breathtaking, panoramic view of the other islands while safeguarding the privacy of its guests due to its secluded location.


Rooms are impeccably and tastefully furnished with modern amenities while retaining a distinct tropical island charm. A fully equipped kitchen in every suite means guests have the option to dine in private any time they wish. However, if they feel like mingling with other guests or don’t feel like cooking, they have the option of dining at Zozo’s, Gallows Point Resort’s in-house restaurant. Zozo’s is also one of the most popular dining establishments on the island.

Nearby Attractions

Gallows Point Hotel is ideally located. It is under a mile to Honeymoon Beach, a popular destination on the island. The Virgin Islands National Park is less than four miles away. Guests have the luxury of a water- or land-based adventure both within easy walking or short motoring distance from the hotel. Visitors who want to know more about the colorful history of the islands can saunter over to the Elaine Sprauve Library and Museum, which is only half a mile away.

Whether you have a need to feed your mind or nourish your soul, commune with nature under the sea or on dry land, you can do it all and so much more at the beautiful island of St. John’s, and Gallows Point Hotel, offering luxury suites with first-class accommodations, puts you in the center of it all.

Have the vacation of your life; come to the U.S. Virgin Islands and discover how sweet life can be under a coconut tree!

Discover Ecotours in St. Thomas

Looking for a great way to spend your vacation in St. Thomas? Look no further! The Virgin Islands Ecotours have everything that you need to help you enjoy your vacation in the US Virgin Islands.

If you are visiting St. Thomas, enjoy an afternoon of kayaking and snorkeling along the Mangrove Lagoon. The ocean along the island is crystal clear, allowing you to see straight to the bottom of the ocean floor.  During your adventure you will have the opportunity to witness native animals in their natural habitat. There are several species of birds native to the island of St. Thomas. Glide along the top of the water in your kayak and watch the wildlife all around you.

Snorkeling guides will lead you along the coast as you swim over the fringing coral and shell rubble barrier reef in clear protected waters. Combining the snorkeling and kayaking experience allows Ecotours to offer a panoramic view of all that the island of St. Thomas has to offer. This excursion lasts for 2.5, 3, or 5 hours and will leave you wanting more.

If you prefer to hike, take the Historic Hassel Island kayak, hike, and snorkel tour. This fun and exciting adventure will take you on a journey to explore all aspects of the beautiful island of historic Hassel. You will begin the journey in Charlotte Amalie’s Harbor, taking a twenty-five minute kayak tour around the island, a quick hike to Fort Willoughby, ending with a nice relaxing beach excursion where you can rest under the shade or enjoy a guided snorkel.  You may choose between a 3 hour or 5 hour tour.

While you are touring the beautiful island of St. Thomas, let your surroundings consume you and escape from the world. Ecotours offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to embrace the islands outdoor lifestyle. The clear ocean water will take your breath away as you kayak over the lush ocean floor. On your island tour, take advantage of the private relaxing beaches . Ecotours services provide a great experience that all travelers will enjoy.

If you are travelling to St. Thomas to escape the outside world, you should take the time to tour the island to see all that St. Thomas has to offer you. Ecotours will get you out of your comfort zone and into the beautiful, crystal blue water along the coast. No matter what you prefer, Ecotours will help you discover the beautiful island of St. Thomas.

Escape to the Gallows Point Resort on St. John

How would you like to travel to a place that is only accessible by boat? St. John is the ideal destination to escape traditional tourism and travel. Fly out of the United States from any of the major cities into the St. Thomas Airport. From there, enjoy a taxi ride to the Red Hook Ferry Dock where one of the ferries will bring you straight to the Cruz Bay Ferry Dock on St. John. The short trip from the Red Hook Ferry Dock will take approximately 20 minutes, allowing enough time to settle into relaxation as you approach your home away from home.

There are several places to choose from on the island of St. John, however the most luxurious experience awaits you at the Gallows Point Resort. Gallows Point is just a short walk from the Cruz Bay. The breathtaking views from the resort will leave you wanting more. Choose from a variety of views on the resorts property. The Ocean View Upper is a two story space with a stunning view of the beautiful island of St. John. Each Ocean View Upper is accommodated with a large living space, open bar to the kitchen, loft bedroom, and a gorgeous balcony to take in all of your surroundings. The Ocean View Lower is a split level living/kitchen area with an enclosed patio and porch.

If you love to watch the boats leave and enter the harbor, the Harbor View Upper is the perfect choice for you. Enjoy a two story harbor view from these rooms. Each Harbor View Upper is equipped with a large living space, open bar to the kitchen, loft bedroom, and a balcony to enjoy the enchanting views of Cruz Bay Harbor. Keep a constant eye on all that is going on along the harbor from the Harbor View Lower room option. The Harbor View Lower is similar to the Ocean View Lower, however the views are quite different. Whether you like to sit and listen to the ocean waves rise and fall against the shore, or watch the variety of boats and ferries enter and leave the island, the Gallows Point Resort has accommodations for everyone.

The Gallows Point Resort creates an experience that will make you want to stay on the island of St. John forever. When you are not relaxing amongst the beautiful scenery, take time to explore the resort to find some of the many hidden gems within.