Looking for a great way to spend your vacation in St. Thomas? Look no further! The Virgin Islands Ecotours have everything that you need to help you enjoy your vacation in the US Virgin Islands.

If you are visiting St. Thomas, enjoy an afternoon of kayaking and snorkeling along the Mangrove Lagoon. The ocean along the island is crystal clear, allowing you to see straight to the bottom of the ocean floor.  During your adventure you will have the opportunity to witness native animals in their natural habitat. There are several species of birds native to the island of St. Thomas. Glide along the top of the water in your kayak and watch the wildlife all around you.

Snorkeling guides will lead you along the coast as you swim over the fringing coral and shell rubble barrier reef in clear protected waters. Combining the snorkeling and kayaking experience allows Ecotours to offer a panoramic view of all that the island of St. Thomas has to offer. This excursion lasts for 2.5, 3, or 5 hours and will leave you wanting more.

If you prefer to hike, take the Historic Hassel Island kayak, hike, and snorkel tour. This fun and exciting adventure will take you on a journey to explore all aspects of the beautiful island of historic Hassel. You will begin the journey in Charlotte Amalie’s Harbor, taking a twenty-five minute kayak tour around the island, a quick hike to Fort Willoughby, ending with a nice relaxing beach excursion where you can rest under the shade or enjoy a guided snorkel.  You may choose between a 3 hour or 5 hour tour.

While you are touring the beautiful island of St. Thomas, let your surroundings consume you and escape from the world. Ecotours offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to embrace the islands outdoor lifestyle. The clear ocean water will take your breath away as you kayak over the lush ocean floor. On your island tour, take advantage of the private relaxing beaches . Ecotours services provide a great experience that all travelers will enjoy.

If you are travelling to St. Thomas to escape the outside world, you should take the time to tour the island to see all that St. Thomas has to offer you. Ecotours will get you out of your comfort zone and into the beautiful, crystal blue water along the coast. No matter what you prefer, Ecotours will help you discover the beautiful island of St. Thomas.