Project Description

“Karibbean Kids” are designed and created by Sally George.

Sally taught for 30 years at Lockhart Elementary School in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. “I’ve always been proud of how well our students look in their school uniforms. Many residents and visitors remark on the neat appearance of the students and uniqueness of each uniform.”

The product line has recently expanded to include the “island girl” dolls. They were first made as gifts for granddaughters Danika and Kaliyah.

Bright and colorful, they are approximately 22″ tall with a full head of natural happy hair. The hair can be gently styled with included clips, hair pic and ribbons. The clothes are removable and can be used in several ways. A shoulder bag and a booklet complete the outfit.

The first school uniform “Karibbean Kid” was a retirement gift for a former coworker and doll collector. Since then many former students, coworkers, friends and visitors have delighted in them.

“Karibbean Kids” are lovingly handmade in the United States Virgin Islands and Haiti, because of this they may vary slightly, making them a unique keepsake or collectible.

Website: Karibbean Kids