Project Description

My paintings are a reflection of my emotional response to an idea or subject pulling from past experiences and present revelations.

I consider my painting a searching within through the use of various mediums, supports, implements, colors, temperatures, shapes, lines, values and textures. I love how each makes me feel when used toward a particular end while enjoying the process. I happen to be working predominately in oils at this time.

I travel and plein air paint in various locations, sketch above and below the ocean, paint in my open air studio, use live models, art books, my photo references, art workshops and other art forms, imagination and intuition- whatever spurs my interest and emotion.

The constants are my love of: drawing and painting, nature, character, light and color, which may be the raw beauty of almost no color or black and white.

For me painting is a matter of balancing the psyche- the desire and the ever-evolving process of feeding the soul.

Website: Kimberly Boulon Fine Art Gallery